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What You Should Know About Mold Remediation

Exposure to mold (especially black mold) may cause respiratory problems. You should address this problem promptly if you detect mold in your house or place of business. Keep your family or employees free from health hazards and protect your property from further damage.

What brings mold?

Mold always becomes a problem in a home or business whenever there’s excessive humidity or moisture over a period of time. This may be caused by a roof leaking, a flood, spills from burst pipes or leaky plumber fittings. There are even cases where mold is brought about by moist air which condenses on a cool surface.

How do I know if I have a mold problem?

Mold Remediation Specialists - Premier Restoration of ToledoMold can grow anywhere in your home or business premises as long as conditions allow. If you notice visible growth of black mold (or any type of mold) on wall, floor, or painted surfaces you should be concerned about the possibly of a greater amount of mold on the other side of the wall or floor.

Mold may form in places that you rarely have access to.  Nevertheless, you can always tell when something is aloof.  Here are the telltale signs;

1. A strong, musty odor emanates.
2. Allergic reactions whose cause cannot be explained.
3. Visible presence.

If you notice these signs, contact Premier Restoration Services of Toledo at 419.309.9051 and we will send professionals over for an evaluation of your property and recommend a removal / remediation course of action.  As a professional mold remediation company we have the necessary staff and resources to;

1. Identify moisture sources which are causing the mold in the first place.
2. Evaluate undetected and visible mold growth.
3. Contain the damage caused by mold to the smallest area possible.
4. Treat and remove (physically) the mold.
5. Dry all materials in the house to prevent the mold from re-propagating.
6. Recommend and even perform procedures that restore your property to its previous condition.

Goal of mold remediation.

Foyer Mold RemediationThe primary aim of mold remediation is to neutralize the source of the moisture and the physical removal of the mold. The contaminated site will be well ventilated to prevent build-up of moisture. Special chemicals are applied to kill mold and mold spores. This will prevent spores from propagating throughout your house or business. Do not use bleach, fungicides, UV light, dry air or high heat to remove mold as it may do more harm than good.

It’s always a smart idea to work with experts as they would know what to do. This is why we are here. Give us a call today at: 419.309.9051

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